We all sometimes talk about stress at work, and feeling stressed, usually when we feel we have too much to do and too much on our minds, or other people are making unreasonable demands on us, or we are dealing with situations that we do not have control over. People who don't manage stress well can have headaches, stomach pain, sleeping problems, illness, and depression. You can help manage stress management by journaling, meditating, exercising, talking to others, or engaging in a hobby. Stress at work is one of the leading causes of people being off sick.

The majority of people experience stress at some point during their working life. Sometimes it is clear where stress is coming from. You can count on stress during a major life change such as the death of a loved one, getting married, or having a baby. But other times it may not be so clear why you feel stressed. There is no such thing as 'good' stress, but some people find it more tolerable than others. When stress becomes enough of a problem to affect your ability to carry out your work or other day-to-day tasks, or to enjoy things you have previously liked, it can become a disability like any other concerns to your health condition.

It's very important to find out what is causing stress for you. Everyone feels and responds to stress differently. Tracking your stress may help. Pen it down, when something makes you feel stressed. Then write how you reacted and what you did to deal with the stress. Tracking your stress at work can help you find out what is causing your stress and how much stress you feel. Then you can take steps to reduce the stress or handle it better. Stress is not a medical diagnosis, but severe stress that continues for a long time may lead to a diagnosis of depression or anxiety, or more severe mental health problems. One can reduce the effects of stress by being more conscious of the things that cause it, and learning to handle them better, using relaxation techniques as well as other lifestyle changes these may just be some self help and temporary ways to help you with stress management. Thousands of people across the world have been experiencing the wonderful benefits of The Trivedi Effect.

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