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June 22, 2020
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Solidify Your Corporate Relationships

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Gift baskets are appropriate for any occasion. They are also the perfect choice for anyone on your shopping list. The variety of gift baskets and the thousands of gift items that goes into a gift basket means that there is something for everyone. There aren't too many rules to follow when you are giving a romantic gift basket to your special someone or when giving a Christmas gift basket to your Aunt Millie. Basically, just try to pick a gift basket that you believe the person receiving it would like.

When you are purchasing or creating gift baskets for business associates, superiors or clients, you will want to follow a few guidelines. Giving a corporate gift basket should serve two main purposes. First, it should not be inappropriate. These are business associates or clients and even if the two of you are on very friendly terms, you will want to keep the gift basket tasteful and conservative. Giving massage oils and other more personal gifts would be inappropriate and could be misconstrued. The second purpose of a corporate gift is that it should promote your business and make the bond between you and your company stronger with that client.

Following the first guideline shouldn't be too hard. Make sure that the container is tasteful and elegant. The richer and more expensive the corporate gift basket looks the more of an impression it will make. Fill the basket yourself or chose a ready made gift basket that is filled with tasteful items. Deluxe chocolates or elegantly packaged snacks are very appropriate in a business atmosphere. Other items to choose from include gifts of crystal dishes and individually wrapped mints for your business associates to display on their desks.

Cheese, meats and crackers make an elegant gift basket and are sure to please your client. Just as appropriate and popular are gifts composed of a large assortment of coffees, teas and biscotti samples. And don't forget about a gift basket that is actually a tower of small boxes, each one filled with a different gourmet snack, from chocolate covered pretzels to a variety of mixed nuts and sweets. All of these and so many more will make a very distinguished and excellent gift choice. They will also make a very good impression.

The second guideline when choosing a corporate gift basket for your clients - or perspective clients is to get your name in front of them. Just any gift basket will have its contents eaten or passed out among your client's coworkers. Before you know it, there is nothing left of the gift and its memory will fade away. To combat this flaw, create or purchase gift baskets that uses something more permanent as the container. An elegant vase or urn or a beautiful magazine rack that would stay in your client's place of business would solve that problem. If a piece is lovely enough, it may even end up in the lobby for all to see. One idea is to place items in a soft-sided leather briefcase or an executive leather carry bag. Once the items have all been eaten, your client will have a beautiful piece of luggage that will remind them of you and your company.

If possible, have your business card attached to the piece or an even better idea is to have your name and company name engraved or painted on the container somewhere. Do not overpower the piece with your business information, but have some small lettering or an engraved plate attached to it somewhere. In the case of the leather briefcase or bag, have a luggage tag printed or engraved with your information and attach it to the case.

Another way of making your gift basket more permanent is to add a small elegant item with the treats and snacks such as a small mantle clock with a small brass plate on it with your information engraved on it. For example, "Thank you for your business, Your Name & Company Name." The client will keep this clock and probably put it somewhere in a prominent place like his or her desk. This keeps your name in front of them every day of the year. That kind of advertising is priceless.

Try to stay away from alcoholic gift baskets unless you have a very close relationship with the client. For most business client relationships, bottles of wine or champagne may give a wrong impression. Especially if it is a new or prospective client. You want to make sure that you do not slight anyone or hurt your business relationships with corporate gifting. In fact, you want to promote your business and most especially yourself to the client.

When you follow these two guidelines you should be able to use this opportunity to grow your client list and your business. Current clients who are impressed with you and find you to be very competent and also very classy will recommend you to other business associates. Excelling in your field and being considerate and generous in your gift giving will solidify those business relationships and undoubtedly create more.

There are many fine websites that specialize in hundreds of elegant and appropriate corporate gift baskets. With all of the choices, you will be assured to find precisely the perfect gift that will convey exactly what you want to say. If for whatever reason you wish to put together your own gift baskets to fill them with items that have your corporate logo on them that is perfectly acceptable. In fact, depending on the quality of the items that may be one of the best corporate gift basket choices. If you do not have any items with your corporate logo on them, consider buying gift items like glasses and having your logo or company name engraved on them.

Corporate gift giving is definitely a way to help to solidify your client base and grow your business. Corporate gift baskets are the best choice to help you attain your goals. Just remember to follow the two guidelines. Keep the gift appropriate for a business relationship by not making it too personal and secondly, make sure that the gift grows your client base by giving something that has your name on it and is permanent and will be valued. If you follow these guidelines when you give corporate gifts, you can't go wrong.


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