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July 18, 2020
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The Significance Of The Gems That Make Up Birthstones

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Do you know what your birthstone is? If you don't that's cool, lots of people don't know or they are misinformed but after this article you will not only know what it is but what it means as well.

Each month in the year has a gemstone that it is identified with and due to the fact that these stones are personal to each person they are prized by the individual who has one. Birthstone rings can be individual stones just for one person's birth date or they can be multiple stones such as in the case of a ring for a couple or such as rings that parent's may have with the birthstones of their children in them. These days the wearing of these rings has become very popular with grandmothers who are wearing birthstone rings with all of their grandchildren's stones in them.

Let's clear up what the birthstones are for each month and what the meanings are that are associated with them.

Beginning with January we have the Garnet gemstone which stands for faith and truth and was once believed to cure diseases of the blood as well as stop bleeding.

Amethyst is the gem for February and according to tradition it is a protector of warriors in battle, assists hunters, helps guard against evil thoughts and even promotes good business.

According to seafarer's lore the Aquamarine gemstone of March kept sailors safe and prevented them from getting seasick. It also is reputed to give courage and foresite to those who wear it.

April has the most precious stone, the diamond which stands for invincibility, courage, and strength. The age old tradition of giving a diamond as an engagement ring goes back to the late 15th century when Mary of Burgundy was given a diamond ring by Archduke Maximillian of Austria. So, guys if you have issues with it that's who you have to blame!

The Emerald which is the birthstone of May is believed to enhance the mind as well as eyesight. They are also said to help the owner of the gem predict the future and help keep them safe on trips of long duration.

The Pearl is considered to be very special as a birthstone and is said to give the power of love, protection, money, and luck. Pearls are also protectors of children. This is the birthstone of June.

Ruby with its bright red color is identified with diverse things such as birth, death, sex, passion, health, energy, strength, courage, and of course blood. July is the month that claims this beautiful gemstone.

The gemstone for August is the Peridot, which is an ancient gemstone going all the way back to the jewelry of the Egyptians two thousand years before the birth of Christ. This bright green gem is said to be good luck to the person who wears it as well as bring them success and peace.

September claims the Sapphire which is said to help one with inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. According to ancient traditions it is also thought to heal such maladies as mental illness and rheumatism.

The Opal is the stone for the month of October is it is said to enhance inner beauty and eyesight as well as engender faithfulness. According to tradition it also helps one to remember the lives they may have lived prior to this one.

The month of November is represented by the Topaz which can be found in different colors commonly from brown to yellow; the blue Topaz that many are familiar with is rarely natural and is usually made by heating clear crystals. In the Middle Ages Topaz was believed to heal all kinds of physical and mental conditions and promote clarity and creativity.

December, which happens to be my birth month, has the Turquoise which is said to attract love, success, and money. So far so good! It is also a stone for healing, luck, and friendship and offers protection, healing, and gives courage.


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