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August 2, 2020
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The Many Health Benefits of Turmeric Herb

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Turmeric (Curcuma longa), the ginger-like herb used in cooking Indian curry dishes is among the most clinically studied herbs today. Not because of its signature spicy yet edible taste but for its ability to heal and promote overall wellness. The Indians were the first to discover the many health benefits of turmeric herb and it is one of the most valuable cures in their traditional Ayurvedic Medicine. Ayurveda uses turmeric for cleansing and for the treatment of a lot of diseases like chicken pox, malaria, ulcers, and alot more. With so many studies on turmeric, modern science discovered that there is an even longer list of the benefits of turmeric herb for human health.

* Turmeric curcumin is a very useful antiseptic, protecting cuts and wounds from microorganisms that can cause infections.

* Turmeric herb offers cardio-protective benefits. It offers protection against free radical attack to the cardiovascular system, ensuring healthy pumping action of the heart and blood flow.

* Turmeric for women helps in preventing breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in women, leading to thousands of death per year.

* Turmeric is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are free radical scavengers, protecting the cell from oxidative stress and cell death.

* Turmeric herb helps in removing excess body fat and blood cholesterol. Due to these, turmeric supplements are used for effective weight loss and in the reduction of cardiovascular health risks.

* Curcumin in turmeric aids in liver detox. It helps the liver get rid of harmful toxins from foods, drugs, alcohol, and pollution that can cause liver diseases. Turmeric supplements are also recommended to boost liver functions in patients suffering from a wide variety of liver conditions.

* Turmeric benefits skin care. It has shown to maintain the skin's natural moisture and suppleness for a naturally glowing and youthful skin.

* Turmeric curcumin exhibits potent anti-inflammatory properties. It can provide relief from chronic inflammation and pain associated with some diseases like arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

* The turmeric herb possesses mood boosting properties that can help in resolving depression.

* Turmeric supplements provide digestive health support. It helps eliminate the digestive discomforts from incomplete fat metabolism.

* Curcumin, turmeric's most active ingredient aids in the prevention of stroke and heart attack. It works by interfering with the formation of blood clots that may dislodge in the circulation, causing blockage of oxygen supply and rupture of important blood vessels.

* Curcuma longa serves as a natural protection against the development of Alzheimer's disease. Clinical studies on turmeric curcumin revealed that it interferes with the formation of Amyloid plaques, the most distinguishing feature of Alzheimer's disease.

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